The TestSwitch, LLC W3TS knife blade switch facilitates the testing, calibrating, disconnecting, troubleshooting, and checkout of control systems, meters, relays, instruments, transformers, and transducers.

No risk of electric shock:

Our safety knob (Patent #5722534) gives operators the option of using a standard 5/16″ nut driver to open or close the switch. Fingers stay out of reach of current-carrying parts. Just fit the nut driver over molded safety knob and pull up to open, down to close.

No metal mounting plates:

Our exclusive footed barrier (Patent #5722534) wraps around each switch to form a fail-safe reinforced thermoplastic mounting plate.

No Potting:

Because our mounting plate is non-conductive, no additional insulation is required. This makes potting unnecessary and assures a safer, more reliable switch.


DIN Rail Mount Option Is now available for front-connected blocks.