Reliable and Safe Test Switches

The W3TS Knife Blade Test Switch facilitates the testing, calibrating, disconnecting, troubleshooting, and checkout of control systems, meters, relays, instruments, transformers, and transducers.

No risk of electric shock:

Our safety knob (Patent #5722534) gives operators the option of using a standard 5/16″ nut driver to open or close the test switch. Fingers stay out of reach of current-carrying parts. Just fit the nut driver over molded safety knob and pull up to open, down to close.

No metal mounting plates:

Our exclusive footed barrier (Patent #5722534) wraps around each test switch to form a fail-safe reinforced thermoplastic mounting plate.

No Potting:

Because our mounting plate is non-conductive, no additional insulation is required. This makes potting unnecessary and assures a safer, more reliable test switch.


DIN Rail Test Switch Mount Option Is now available for front-connected blocks.