About Us

About Us

Jerrold W. Lambert, CEO Jere Wright, Founder

The founder of TestSwitch, Jere Wright, has been in the utility industry since 1981 starting with the patent of a one-piece sliding-link terminal block and the formation of a company called Poweright Products, Inc. (now owned by States Co., a division of Megger.)

In 1996 Ms. Wright created TestSwitch, LLC to develop a better, safer miniature test switch. Its safety features, designed to address concerns discovered during field research, were patented in 1998. The switch has since qualified under Underwriters Laboratories’ Component program in the United States and Canada.

Recently TestSwitch transitioned to new leadership. The company’s CEO, Jerrold Lambert, brings a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the utility industry which began with his initial participation in Poweright Products, Inc. working alongside Jere Wright. Continuing his working relationship with Ms. Wright, Mr. Lambert has assisted in the ongoing development of TestSwitch and its product.

In September, 2014, Mr. Lambert relocated TestSwitch to expanded facilities in Arkansas. The new facility will bring accelerated turnaround times for both regular and special orders.

As the company embarks on its next chapter, it does so with the same emphasis on both excellence of service and quality of product. TestSwitch will continue to focus on innovation and development as the power industry evolves.