Applications for Test Switch W3TS 600 Volt 30 Ampere Miniature Test Switch

Power Systems

Multi-circuit testing, calibrating, disconnecting, troubleshooting, and checkout of control systems, meters, relays, instruments, transformers, and transducers where space is at a premium.

Make, break or re-arrange connections of an energized electric circuit without disturbing permanent wiring.

Safe and easy access to wiring on panelboards and switchboards.


Other systems where the W3TS Test Switch is applied include:
  • water park
  • silver mine
  • NASA vacuum chamber tests
  • equipment for real-time training
  • power boats
  • test equipment for UL
  • protection system for testing green power to electrical grid
  • battery management technology
  • Navy missile firing
  • steel mill
  • product safety testing
  • electric fence maintenance
  • resistor pane
  • petrochemical construction.