Product Description

Test Switch Product Description

The W3TS Test Switch, a miniature knife blade switch (5/8 inch centers including barrier) with #10-32 stud terminals, is available in three types: Basic Switch, Short-Circuiting Switch (Shorting Switch), Test Jack Switch

  • basic switch
  • short-circuiting switch (shorting switch) with make-before-break element and common bar
  • test jack switch

All test switches may be either front or back connected.

  • Front-connected test switches are mounted on the front of a panel and are both operated and wired from the front.
  • Back-connected test switches are mounted on the front of a panel with extended terminal studs projecting through to the rear of the panel. This allows them to be operated from the front and wired from the back. Additional barriers and spacers insulate the extended terminal studs.

The three types of test switches can be arranged in any combination of elements with 1 to 52 poles in a single block. The arrangements can also include single terminals, through bars and blank spaces. Diagrams of standard elements are available in the Element Configuration Document.

The operator can choose to open or close the W3TS Test Switch by placing a standard 5/16″ nut driver on the patented TestSwitch, LLC safety knob. Pull up to open, down to close. It keeps fingers away from current-carrying parts. (See Safety Knob Instructions.)

Our patented footed barriers separate the test switches and wrap beneath them to form a non-conductive mounting plate for the test switch block. No metal mounting plate and no potting. Mounting rods support the weight of the block. Stainless steel mounting ears at each end of the block attach it to any surface.

Each W3TS Test Switch can be operated independently or, for simultaneous operation, adjacent handles can be ganged together with an insulated yoking bar. Test switches can be electrically connected with a common bar.

Standard handle colors are red for potential and black for current. A variety of colored handles, marker tags and tamper-proof covers that accommodate wire seals are available.